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   Rootzone Australia Pty Ltd
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Greywater treatment and reuse.

Rootzone Australia’s grey water treatment system produces water suitable for reuse in a number of applications including toilet flushing and washing machine use in both single household and commercial applications. This system is accredited in NSW and Victoria for volumes up to 700L/day.

This system is installed in a renovated federation house. The house uses no mains water and the only connection is to the sewer for toilets and kitchen sink



If you are contemplating going off the grid then these two wastewater treatment systems are the only viable sustainable ones on the market.

Environmentally friendly technology in waste water and sludge treatment

We have the expertise to design and implement cost effective, ecological engineering solutions that protect your investment and the environment using appropriate technology for the treatment of waste water, runoff and leachates, stormwater treatment and the dewatering and mineralisation of industrial and sewage sludge.

We examine every case on an individual basis to ensure that the best solution is implemented. We take a holistic approach, looking at the source of the pollution and ways to reduce the problem as well as cost effective re-use of the output.

Our Solutions include
  • An analysis of your site specific problems and proposals in the form of a feasibility study.
  • Preparation of engineering and construction drawings.
  • Supervision of construction and commissioning.
  • Supply and planting of appropriate species of wetland plants.
  • Training of project and client personnel for the commissioning, operation and maintenance of systems including the preparation and supply of manuals.
  • Three year maintenance contract and a performance guarantee covering the design, dimensions and operating instructions.

Efficient and reliable treatment for a wide range of effluents and pollutants

Applications Include
  • Oil Exploration
  • Lubricant Manufacturing
  • Petroleum & Oil Distribution
  • Steel Making
  • Plastics Production
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Car and Train Wash Facilities
  • Municipal Sewage and Sludge
  • Industrial Sludges
  • Dairy Production
  • Meat and Poultry Processing
  • Fish Processing
  • Abattoirs
  • Piggeries
  • Agricultural Run Off
  • Resorts and Caravan Parks
  • Mine Water Drainage
  • Heavy Metals Removal
  • Airport Run Off
  • Printing and Paper Industry
  • Stormwater Treatment
  • Low Capital Costs
  • Low Operating and maintenance costs
  • No Technical expertise needed to operate
  • Environmentally safe and friendly
  • Wide range of applications including some that are difficult to treat by any other means

Robust and Effective Treatment 

The many natural processes operating within such engineered ecosystems are dynamic and robust. They present a powerful and adaptable cleaning and recycling capacity that is difficult to reproduce mechanically and chemically. Together with the large volume of water in the bed they produce a system that has a remarkably consistent discharge quality in the face of large input fluctuations.

No Byproducts 

Rootzone filter bed systems produce no noise or smells and produce no sludge or other by products with associated additional costs of disposal.

Long Lasting with Low Operating and Maintenance Costs 

With little or no electrical or mechanical parts, rootzone systems are long lasting, wear free, self regulating eco-systems that are simple to operate without complex controls and chemical additives. The maintenance requirement is low and the system life is very long.

Environmentally Friendly 

By investing in reed bed technology companies can not only benefit from these advantages but can also claim to be playing a role in protecting the environment and bringing human activity back into balance with nature.



Macquarie University hosts a substantial sports field complex which includes 5Ha of grassed playing fields. Water restrictions had been taking their toll on the fields with only severely suboptimal irrigation possible.

Sports fields 2008

After considerable investigation of the options it was concluded that the best solution was to invest in a water recycling scheme which combined the collection of stormwater runoff from the complex, water from the ovals’ under drains and a sewer mining scheme tapping into a Sydney Water Main running through the property.

The total capacity of the system is 165kL/day with the sewer mining component accounting for 100kL/day and the balance stormwater and under drainage. From an engineering perspective the scheme presented a challenge with the sewer main 20m below the sports complex and 440m away over the other side of a continually flowing creek.  The whole complex borders onto the Lane Cove National Park and a major environmental benefit is a considerable reduction in nutrient and water discharges to the park.  

The treatment of the sewage component is by means of Rootzone’s reed bed technology through a 1000sqm combination horizontal/vertical flow system.  A larger version (2500sqm) had been successfully treating to Class A standard in Brisbane for 4 years previous.

This technology was chosen because of its low greenhouse gas emissions and its superior performance on O and M costs over other technologies. Rootzone Australia acted as the design and construction manager for the entire project. 


Water flow paths:

The considerable improvement can be seen in the image following:

Click Here for Photos of Rootzone Systems from around the world.

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